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PolyQuad - The Future of Four Valve Engines
A two valve versus four valve debate is certainly nothing new for me. Anyone who has spent time talking with me on this subject soon discovers I am not really a fan of four valve engines for the true street power plant. But the'>... read article
Dyno's Don't Lie
But misinterpret the results and they may as well lie.  
This article was prompted by my coming across yet another number of web site postings concerning the controversial '>... read article
Real big block Chevy Power - on paper
If I had $1 for every person that ever told me that they wanted to write a book I'd be able to finance my race car... read article
A new way of spec'ing Cams: Speed Spec.
A revolutionary, fast and hyper accurate way of spec'ing and selecting catalog cams; A system that finally eliminates the fog of cam selection.

The revolutionary (and I seriously mean revo... read article

DSS's New Stroker Pistons - Extreme or X-Stream?

DSS's dedicated approach to stroker piston design: With new patented features they are worth way more than just casual consideration!

... read article

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